5 keys to Living a Healthy Life

What a Chiropractor can help

1. Quit eating dairy, sugar, and grains - This stuff is in everything, read labels and stay away from these 3 ingredients as much as you can.

2. Start interval training – Also known as high intensity training. Quit wasting your time with long distance running that isn’t beneficial to your health and well-being. Try interval sprint training instead.

3. Drink filtered water – Reverse osmosis water is the best and purest, but atleast use a carbon filter to get rid of most impurities. Drink A LOT of water each day. Some experts suggest 8 glasses per day, but if you’re a morning coffee drinker – you’ll need more. On your high intensity exercise days you will definitely need more. Water will help your body function better, feel better and detoxify better.

4. SLEEP – Go to bed at the same time each and every night. No TV, smart phones, or other electronics an hour before bed. Wake up at the same time each morning as well. Even if it’s a weekend and you could sleep in, get up anyways so you keep your circadian rhythms in check.

5. Throw away all your toxic household chemicals - Chemicals are all over house. The more we can avoid the better off we will be. It’s time to go green. Check your cleaning products, toothpaste, deodorants, soaps & shampoos. There are harsh chemicals in all this stuff.

Bonus Keys – Stay positive and enjoy life. Laugh everyday and hang out with others who stay positive and laugh. Life is short; spend with fun-loving people. Stay adjusted through regular chiropractic visits. Those who visit their chiropractor on a regular basis will have more energy, feel better and get sick less often. Highlands Ranch is great place to live, and it is a very healthy community. It is pretty easy to stay healthy here with our active/outdoor lifestyle. At Premier Chiropractic, we are not just here to care for your spine; we want to make sure you have the knowledge to live the healthiest life possible.

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