Can Chiropractic help me Prevent Sports Injuries

Fitness Tips from a Chiropractor

Highlands Ranch, CO is a Mecca for children’s sports and activities. You cannot drive by one of the abundant Highlands Ranch park’s on a Saturday without seeing a youth soccer game in action. Stop by an HRCA rec center, and you’ll see girls and boys basketball or volleyball practices being held. Then there are many local high schools with great sports programs from football to swimming to lacrosse. When I first moved to Colorado, I knew Highlands Ranch was the place I wanted to start my chiropractic clinic due to the fact that I specialized in sports medicine and sports chiropractic in college. If it’s not organized sports, you’ll be quick to notice the abundance of runners and bikers on the Highlands Ranch back country trail system.

So what exactly does chiropractic have to do with sports? For starters, chiropractic adjustments and treatments are great when you get banged up. Whether it is a head injury, an ankle sprain, or a fall on the back – Chiropractic will help you feel better much more quickly than if you just took time off and sat on the sidelines. Our goal at Premier Chiropractic is to help you get back on the playing field at 100% as soon as we can. Secondly, we can help prevent common strains and sprains from happening even before they start. When you are regularly adjusted and aligned, a part of your nervous system call your proprioceptive system is activated and strong. Your proprioceptive nerve fibers tell your brain where your body is in space. So when you are playing your sport or exercising, your body will be less likely to strain or sprain a joint. By being properly aligned by your chiropractor, joint spaces and cartilage will have less wear and tear on them. Just like the tires on your car, your joints will eventually wear out. As a chiropractor, it is my job to make sure those tires last as long as they can. Chiropractic is like rotating your tires on a regular basis.

As an athlete or just a weekend warrior, we are always looking for that competitive edge. Chiropractic is just another tool to help you achieve your sport and fitness goals. Next week Dr. Caras will talk to you more about specific sports nutrition and supplementation to give you another competitive edge.

By Nick Caras

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