What Is Causing My Sciatica in Highlands Ranch CO?

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Sciatica is a very common problem that we see here at Premier Chiropractic on a daily basis in Highlands Ranch. There are many causes of sciatica and many different treatments. How do you know if you are experiencing sciatica and what should you do about it?

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. It runs from your lower back (lumbar spine) down through your hip muscles and into the back of the leg. It can essentially get pinched at a few different spots as it descends from your spine down your leg. A lot of times it may actually get pinched at more than one point causing excruciating pain and other symptoms. If you have ever had that lightining bolt feeling shoot down the back of your leg; that is most likely sciatica. In other people, the shooting feeling will only go down into your buttocks or gluteus muscles. Some people will be accompanied with severe back pain and others will have numbness and tingling in their feet or toes. Some classic signs that you may also notice is it is hard to stand up straight after sitting for a period of time. Sneezing and coughing may also shoot the pain right down the legs.

If you are experiencing these types of symptoms you should go see your chiropractor immediately. The sooner we can take the pressure off the sciatic nerve and essentially “un-pinch” the nerve, the quicker we will be able to get you back to 100%. We use several different treatments at our Highlands Ranch Chiropractic office to get you feeling better fast. We do not want to prolong the healing process. The first treatment we will usually do is called traction therapy. We will run our traction machine down your lumbar spine and/or hips. This will help relieve muscle tension and relax you in order to get the best possible chiropractic adjustment. After we locate where the nerve is getting pinched, we will adjust those joints in order to relieve the pressure. Other modalities we can use our decompression which will help pull the lower back apart and kick inflammation out. In severe cases we will use laser therapy. Laser therapy has been shown to be very effective in getting the nerve to heal quicker. In chronic cases, where nothing else has worked, laser therapy can be work wonders when people thought they had no hope

Sciatica can be a very painful condition. It can also be very easily treated without the use of surgery or harsh drugs. Always try chiropractic care first, before you start other invasive medical treatments. At Premier Chiropractic, we have a very high success rate with treating sciatica. Don’t live in pain any longer, call us at (303) 346-4949 to for your Free consultation with Dr. Caras and get back on the road to health today.

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