The Chiropractic Diet in Highlands Ranch CO

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Boosting your Immune system through the foods you eat.

One of the best ways to boost your Immune System is through regular chiropractic adjustments by a Highlands Ranch chiropractor. Every single time you receive a specific chiropractic adjustment your Immune system is up-regulated and will work harder to fight the bugs you come in contact with every day. Especially this time of year in Highlands Ranch; where it can get down to below freezing. We need every little advantage we can take in order to stay healthy throughout the winter months.

Another way to stay away from colds, flu’s and other infections is by eating immune boosting foods. Below is a list of foods that fit the chiropractic and paleo lifestyle and will help you stay strong throughout the winter months.

1. Fermented foods – Fermented foods such as miso, pickles or sauerkraut will help build up the “Good” bacteria in your intestines. These good bacteria are very vital to fighting off viruses and bacteria that you will most likely come in contact with this winter. If you do not enjoy fermented foods, make sure to supplement with a high quality probiotic.

2. Coconut oil – This is one of the healthiest fats that you should be eating every single day. Even my 1 year old daughter gets a heaping spoonful of coconut oil every morning with breakfast. One of the best ways to boost your immunity and overall health is eating healthy fats every day. Other healthy fats to eat include olives, olive oil and avocados.

3. More Veggies less fruits (and fructose) – I think we all realize the health and immune system benefits of eating vegetables. Your plate should be loaded with veggies and/or salad at each meal (even breakfast.) One thing we may not realize is that too much fruit can be harmful to our immune system. Most fruits contain too much sugar and too much sugar will beat up your immune system and leave you susceptible to sickness. Make sure too never drink fruit juice either as it is loaded with sugar.

4. Eat more mushrooms – The chemical in mushrooms that is so healthy and powerful is called beta-glucan. This chemical has been shown to activate your immune system and help fight off nasty bugs. You can sauté them or even eat mushrooms raw on your salad. A great trick for the grilling months is to do a vegetarian Portobello burger.

These are just a few of the foods that will help you feel better and help your immune system function better. Hope you enjoy.

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