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One of the most common questions I get at the clinic is if someone should exercise before or after their chiropractic treatment. I always smile and say as long as your exercising at some point during the day I will be happy. Thirty minutes a day of some sort of intense/weight resistance exercise is a must for health and longevity, but there is a more scientific answer to when you should exercise too.

Following a chiropractic treatment, your joints, vertebrae, muscles and tendons will be in the most desirable position as they can. This will be the most beneficial time to exercise so you can train your body to stay in that position rather than becoming misaligned again. Lets face it, in the era we live in with all the stress and all the sitting and/or computer work that most of us do out posture will always tend to misalign our vertebrae. We constantly have to train our body to be in a more upright position. Chiropractic treatments help put everything back together but everyone needs to also exercise properly to keep your muscles and joints strong and properly aligned.

The best types of exercises to train your spine to stay aligned are core exercises. What I mean by this is different types and variations of planks. You can go to the gym or do them or you can even do them on your living room floor. There are no excuses to give yourself 10 to 15 minutes of core work each day. You can do planks, side planks, superman’s, etc. For a handout on the different types of exercises, you are more than welcome to visit our chiropractic clinic in Highlands Ranch to pick one up or you can simply google “core exercises” for tons of information on the internet.

A combination of good exercises and regular chiropractic adjustments can keep your neck and back pain away for good. Let face it, we all live hectic lives and the stress usually builds up and will come in the form of neck and back pain at some point in your life. These simple little strategies can help you feeling great, staying active, and enjoying life.

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