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What a Chiropractor can help

While most people are familiar about the pain relief chiropractic provides, many are unaware of how it treats pain and about its other benefits. Each time an adjustment is performed it increases the synapses transmissions thus increasing neural communication. In my chiropractic practice in Highlands Ranch, I explain to my patients that neural communication is how the body functions and that when it is being interrupted the patient can experience pain, decreased mobility and other health conditions.

A typical symptom of a disconnected nervous system is a pinched nerve. Patients can experience them in a variety of places around the body and might not see improvement from stretching or massaging alone. The way to treat a pinched nerve is to take the pressure off of the nerve, and I do that by performing an adjustment to the spine and the neck which opens spaced needed by the nerve to function properly.

Increasing the space for neural communication not only influences the success of the nervous system but also increases immunity and improves hormonal regulations. These systems control things like the immune system, your metabolism, sleep, growth and development; which is why chiropractic has so many benefits besides pain management.

To see how you feel once your body is communicating faster schedule a chiropractic appointment at Premier Chiropractic & Natural Medicine, in Highlands Ranch Colorado. (303) 346-4949 or http://www.DetoxifyYourLifestyle.com.

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