Why I chose to become a Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch


Growing up I always knew I wanted to be some sort of doctor and help people get well. I just really didn’t know what that meant. After taking a look at all the specialties, it was Chiropractic College that really got me excited. When I looked at and researched other forms of medicine, it seemed like they were all the same. You either gave a patient a drug and sent them on their way, or you suggested surgery and sent them to a surgeon. For me, this really wasn’t getting to the bottom of the patient’s problem or even trying to understand and really help them. I grew with the mindset that health came from exercise and eating properly (even though I didn’t have a clue what healthy food really was.) When I would look at and shadow chiropractors, you could see their desire and willingness to really help the patient in all facets of their life, not just their current symptom. If a patient would come in for neck pain, the chiropractor would still adjust their entire spine, not just their neck. Chiropractors will look at your entire spine and nervous system and make sure everything is working properly. You see, in order to really get rid of a symptom, you need to look at the physical, emotional and chemical stresses they patient is putting on their body. If we do this, we can really find out the bottom-line cause of their problem and get rid of it for good. Otherwise, we are just covering up a symptom with a new drug that will causes other side-affect symptoms that another drug will be needed to cover up. It is a vicious cycle. In all my research, chiropractic wellness was the only healthcare modality that will really look at the entire body and help someone achieve complete optimal wellness. This is why I chose to become a chiropractor and practice in beautiful Highlands Ranch, CO.

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