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A brand new weapon to treat pain with zero side affects.

We all know chiropractic care in Highlands Ranch can help out most symptoms and pain in people.  Chiropractic has been helping out pain in patients since 1895, and here in Highlands Ranch, CO, I have been making people pain free for over 10 years.  We now have a new tool that will help even the hardest cases.  Chronic pain has so many factors that have been plaguing people for many years.  If you are the type of patient that has tried everything from medications, physical therapy, injections, stem cells, or even surgery without any lasting benefits; chiropractic and laser therapy may be your answer.

Cold Laser Therapy for Pain in Highlands Ranch

Cold laser therapy is still new and confusing for some people, so I wanted to write a quick blog post to help explain it a little bit.

Cold Laser Therapy is a painless, non-invasive and drug free therapy that is used for all sorts of diseases, conditions, and painful symptoms.  So, how does it work?  Inside the cells of your body is the “energy-producer” otherwise know as mitochondria.  As we age, the mitochondria do not work as efficiently as they once did and our bodies start to break down and we get to feel pain or stiffness more frequently than we did when we were younger.

When we expose our body and cells to cold laser light, the mitochondria in our cells actually absorb that light which in turn starts to make more energy.  Receptor stimulation with laser light promotes energy production, biochemical reactions, protein and growth factor synthesis, cell growth and proliferation and enhanced blood and oxygen flow.  Basically, all this means for you is that you will heal faster, feel better, and probably even start to feel younger than you have in years.

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