Cold & Flu Season in Highlands Ranch

Chiropractors May Help Allergies

When summer turns to fall patients may experience colds or the flu, so to combat this issue I recommend supporting your immune system by doing the following procedures.

1. Take supplements that boost your immune health. I frequently get the question about which supplements are the best to rid sickness, so I selected some of my favorite supplements that help my family and I beat our cold symptoms quickly and naturally. Included in the list are vitamin-C, vitamin-D, and our anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial supplements. This list goes beyond just boosting your immune system! The use of our anti-inflammatory can reduce the severity of the cold symptoms and our anti-viral and anti-bacterial supplements actually fight the source of the symptoms.

2. Get adjusted by your chiropractor. Science has show that with each chiropractic adjustment you receive, your Immune system actually works quicker and more efficiently to help prevent cold and flu’s or help fight them off if you already have one. Visit your chiropractor for routine adjustments in order to stay healthy this flu season.

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