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Disc herniations are fairly common in our society today. Mostly due to our sedentary lifestyle. They can cause severe debilitating pain or sometimes just mild numbness and tingling. The intensity really varies from person to person. Disc herniations are most common in the neck (cervical spine) or lower back (lumbar spine.)

A lot of times a herniation will follow a some sort of fall or unusual movement. You will notice pain around the neck or low back and as the herniation gets worse it can cause radiation down an extremity. Radiation can come in the form of a sharp "zinging" type of pain or a numbness sensation down an arm or leg.

Chiropractic care is a very quick and easy way to to fix a disc herniation. By adjusting the vertebrae, a chiropractor can get the disc to go back to where it belongs without surgery. After you are feeling better and your flexibility returns, we can then show you specific spinal exercises to make sure your disc never herniates again.

If you feel as if you have a disc herniation, call our clinic in Highlands Ranch immediately. The sooner we get your spine adjusted after your injury, the quick the disc will start to heal. By doing a few simple tests, we will know exactly where your disc herniation is and which vertebrae to adjust. We will have you pain-fee in no time.

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