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Most people come to my chiropractic office due to a back or neck pain. Others like their chiropractic adjustments because they like to live a wellness type lifestyle and understand the health benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments. Today I want to share with you a concept that might sound a little foreign to you. When someone has back pain, they automatically assume it is because of a physical problem. I worked out hard; I slept wrong, or even an automobile accident. As all these things can cause back pain, a lot of the times people are in because of too much inflammation in your body.

Most inflammation is caused by the American diet. Foods are either contributing to inflammation when you eat them or they are anti-inflammatory. The more inflammatory foods you eat, the more prone you are to sickness, pain, and other conditions and diseases. The more anti-inflammatory foods you eat; the better chance you have of reaching optimal health and well-being. So the underlying issue is, which foods are you eating more of on a daily basis. The major Inflammatory foods are: Breads, Pastas, Grains, Sugars, Milk, Cheese, all other dairy, Meat, Pancakes and Waffles, Muffins and Pastries, Cereal, Oats, etc. The Major Anti-Inflammatory foods are easy: Fruits and Vegetables.

This is why every meal and every plate you eat should be at least 50% fruits and veggies. This will significantly put your body in anti-inflammatory mode. So the next time you wake up with a kink in your neck or back pain, don’t just think of something physical that might have caused it. Start to think more in terms of how inflamed your body might be by what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday. Chiropractic adjustments will always help your physical ailments, but your diet and nutrition has a lot to do with how you feel physically as well. This often over looked nutritional advice can pay dividends in regards to your neck and back pain.

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