Chiropractic Care During the Flu Season in Highlands Ranch

Chiropractors May Help Allergies

With October right around the corner, I wanted to send out an email with all the latest Flu Season tricks to keep you and your family in Highlands Ranch healthy this Fall.

Prevent the Flu & Colds:

  • Avoid all Dairy Products
  • Stay hydrated - Exclusively drink water and/or Green Tea
  • Get adequate Healthy Fat sources (coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, olives, egg yolks, healthy fish and grass-fed meats.)
  • Exercise - sweat out those toxins
  • Vitamin C - 3,000 mg/day
  • Vitamin D - 5,000 units/day for adults, 1,000 for kids
  • Zinc Lozenges when you feel a sickness coming on
  • Consume Homemade bone broth once a week during fall and winter.
  • Skip the processed sugar and snack foods.  For healthier treats - Check out my recipes at

Do you feel like you get sick every year or more often than you should in Highlands Ranch?  Consider using regular Chiropractic treatments at Premier Chiropractic & Natural Medicine as a way to boost your Immune System.  Research has shown how chiropractic adjustments to your neck and upper back influence a greater response from your Immune system; and parents of school-aged children who receive chiropractic care report less sick days from their kids!

We always welcome any questions or comments.  We will try to answer all your questions!  If you have a health topic you would like me to address in a newsletter or video format, feel free to reply to this email and let me know.  I will happily address any health topic you would like more information on.

Yours in Health,

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