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Chiropractors Can Help Your Golf Game

With Masters weekend among us, many of us will be practicing our golf swing and getting ready for a fun summer full of golf.  As an avid golfer myself, I understand the joy we get from a day out on the course.

As much as I love the game, it is pretty hard on the back and spine.  Being slightly hunched over and pretty that much torque on the spine can really cause some spinal issues in Highlands Ranch, especially as we age. Lumbar pain, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, etc. are some of the injuries that can occur from golfing.  I compiled a list below of a few things we can do to help us stay on the golf course this year.

Stay Healthy This Golf Season in Highlands Ranch

  • Always stretch and warm up before your round.
  • See your chiropractor for an adjustment the day before and after your round of golf.
  • Stay at a good weight.  The more belly fat we have, the harder your golf swing is going to be on your spine.
  • Try our custom made Foot-Levelers orthotics.  This will keep your hips and lower back aligned and help prevent injury.
  • Keep your spinal core muscles in shape with weekly yoga and/or spinal exercises.
  • Swing slow during your round.  Not only will this help your golf game, but it will actually save your back for the long haul.
  • Bend with your knees, not your back when picking up your ball.
  • Always remember, if you do feel back pain, do not try to push through it.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.  See Dr. Nick Caras of Premier Chiropractic & Natural Medicine immediately and get the problem fixed before it becomes a chronic problem.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call (303) 346-4949.  We are always here to help your golf game and your back pain issues.  If you would like more information about golf or other sports injuries, check out more info on our website at

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