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Hope the New Years finds you well and as we are basically at the halfway point of January already, I hope you are sticking to your goals. Today I want to discuss a few New Years goals centered on Weight Loss. I actually do not like it when people come in around the Holidays and are all ready to go with their new weight loss goals after New Years. I believe this should be a year round LIFESTYLE, not a goal. We all know New Years goals only last about a month (probably shorter) and then life starts to get in the way of your health and well-being.

We need to find strategies that make weight loss or weight maintenance a way of life and not a roller coaster of good times and bad times. If you live by a just a few rules, you will maintain a healthy weight, feel great, and keep your body functioning at an optimal level year in and year out. Whether you are in a stressful time or a good-place, abide by the rules I am going to lay out and watch this be the best year you have had in a long time.

  1. Only drink water, coffee and tea. No exceptions! Coffee and teas must be free of sugars, creams and dairy. This is a very simple step. Always have a water bottle with you through the day so you ensure you are kept well hydrated and you are continually flushing toxins and sludge through your digestive system.
    If you do just this step and nothing else, you will still lose weight each month throughout the year.
  2. Wait 10 minutes. Most cravings come from your bad bacteria and yeast that may be in your digestive tract. These cravings seem to always be for sugar or carbohydrate food. Do not give in, the cravings will only last 10 minutes. Go for a walk, grab an ice water or tea instead and get on with your day. An hour later you will have completely forgot you even had the craving.
  3. Make daily and weekly resolutions & write them down. Writing and planning out your goals as well as your daily/weekly schedule will help you stay on track. My personal favorite is to write out my weekly goals on my bathroom mirror on Sunday night. Each morning and evening I read them and they help me stay on track for what I want to accomplish that particular week. Sounds a little strange, but this step is HUGE in getting what you want out of life.
  4. Live by the 80/20 Rule. When I make a health suggestion to a patient and they look at me like I am crazy and "I could never eat like that or I could never live like that," I tell them to at least give the 80/20 rule a try. If you do this, you can still have a very positive affect on your overall health levels. If you still want to drink alcohol, or eat some bad sugar foods, or have a desert every so often after dinner - You Can! Just save it for one night a week. Plan out when you will be going out and indulging a little bit. If you know you have a work dinner on Thursday night, then plan healthy meals the rest of the week. On Thursday, stay well hydrated throughout the day knowing that you will probably cheat a little that night. It can be fairly simple, with a little planning on your part.
  5. As I have been preaching for 8 years now, you must switch from distance training (jogging) to interval training. The easiest way this happens for most people is to join some sort of boot camp or cross fit type training program. They have them everywhere. Here in Highlands Ranch, our rec centers offer some great boot camps. If you like to work out at home as I do, then get yourself some DVD training programs; I personally like the Insanity workouts.
  6. See your Chiropractor on a regular basis. There is nothing better for your overall health than keeping your spine and nervous system functioning at a peak level. It will keep your metabolism running efficiently, curb cravings and keep you feeling great from the inside out. Chiropractic adjustments affect your hormone levels in a positive way, and will help you stay on track in your weight loss goals.
  7. Schedule, schedule, schedule!! This goes back to rule #3, but it very important for success in all areas of your life. Get a Schedule. When are you going to work out each day and each week? Write it down and stick with it. What are you going to eat this week? Schedule out your meal plan each week and stay consistent. Make it as healthy as you can. What are your healthy snacks going to be this week? When is my cheat day going to be this week? Spend 20 minutes each Sunday evening before bed and write out your weekly schedule. Re visit that schedule each morning and stay on tract. Before you know it, this will not be just another new habit; it will be your way of Life. Don't worry what others say or think about your eating and snacking habits. Find people that encourage and help you along the way. Scheduling out the week with friends and family members will make it that much easier to stick with your new way of life.
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