Should You See A Chiropractor For Your Hip Pain in Highlands Ranch?

Chiropractors treat 3 common conditions

One of the most common invasive surgeries performed in America is a hip replacement. It seems like many people are getting hip surgery at much younger ages. This can be from simple wear and tear, arthritis, and the fact that people want to be more active as they are aging.

Do you really need hip surgery or is there a less invasive fix? Chiropractic can be extremely helpful in getting rid of chronic hip pain. The hip is a ball & socket joint. When it starts to get compressed or misaligned a number of problems can happen. Inflammation and irritation sets in causing stiffness, pain and decreased flexibility. A lot of people notice they become very stiff in the morning and it takes them a while to get moving. This is a common sign of arthritic changes in your hip.

A chiropractor can help because we can adjust and manipulate the hip joint to where it needs to be. Each chiropractic adjustment will decompress the joint, clear out inflammation, take pressure of the cartilage and help you feel better and more mobile. After a series of chiropractic treatments, the hip joint will actually start to heal itself and the arthritic process can stop forming.

Chiropractic is simple, fast, and effective for hip pain and tension. We cannot prevent all hip surgeries, but the sooner you get to your Highlands Ranch chiropractor, the better you will be. Do not wait until its too late and too much damage has been done. If you plan on being active throughout every stage of life, you will want to make chiropractic a part of that active lifestyle. It can save your joints, especially your hips which take a lot of the wear and tear.

Whether you like to run, hike, walk, ski, bike, etc, your hip joints are a major player. There is no pain like low back and hip pain. Here at Premier Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch, we will get you and get you feeling better fast.

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