Kids and Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch CO

Chiropractors help children

Kids and chiropractic care go hand in hand. From their first moments of life to 100 years old, chiropractic care in Highlands Ranch is very beneficial for all ages. Especially as children are growing and developing it is very important to receive regular chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic is completely safe for all children. I have personally adjusted children from 2 minutes old through every stage of childhood. My daughter received her first chiropractic adjustment before the umbilical cord was even cut. It is very beneficial for their health and development and is very, very safe kids of all ages.

There is no age that is too young (or too old) for chiropractic. We obviously adjust children much more differently than an adult would be adjusted. In children there is no cracking or twisting of the neck or back. It is light pressure that helps realign the vertebrae and keep the body functioning and growing properly.

We see kids in our Highlands Ranch Chiropractic office for all sorts of reasons. Most commonly, we perform chiropractic adjustments for kids to help out with ear infections. Other reasons that kids receive chiropractic care is for headaches, migraines, growing pains, sports injuries and of course all the common falls, bumps, and bruises that kids will have as they are learning how to crawl, walk, and run. Other parents/families will bring their kids in just for general health maintenance. Kids who get regular chiropractic care will have much less sicknesses such as the common colds, flus, ear infections, and sinus infections.

It is never too late to start being healthy. Start an active, healthy & Chiropractic lifestyle early on and reap the health benefits later on in life.

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