Why mattress support is so important for your spinal health in Highlands Ranch

What a Chiropractor can help

People with back pain tend to question what aspects of their life contribute to their discomfort and pain, however many overlook a large component that we spend almost a third of our lives on our mattresses. The correct mattress obviously grants a person better sleep, more energy and better immune health, but it also plays a large role in a person’s spinal health. The right mattress is one that allows you to fall into the deep phases of sleep, where the brain repairs the body’s ailments. This means the mattress must be supportive and keep your spine and hips aligned, as well as be comfortable for the user.

The ultimate goal is to find a mattress that decompresses the spine, hips, neck and shoulders. Finding a mattress that does this will reduce uncomfortable and painful pressure thus preparing your body for a restful night of deep and healing sleep. Just as we have proper standing and sitting posture, we also have a correct sleeping posture which is obtained by a supportive mattress decompressing and aligning the hips with the rest of the body. So if you are searching for possible contributors to your back pain, take your mattress into consideration.

For more on the mattresses we, and most chiropractors, recommend for back support click here: http://www.intellibed.com/?special=DrNickCaras

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