Mercury Toxicity in Highlands Ranch

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Is Mercury toxicity causing my back pain?

Is Mercury toxicity causing my neck pain and headaches?

Mercury is a very toxic substance and can cause a multitude of symptoms. In can show up very different in children vs. adults. Children may have learning disabilities, ADHD, or some form of autism due to mercury. Adults might see migraine/headache issues or other neurological diseases like parkinson’s or alzheimers. Some may simply have chronic neck and back pain due to toxicity. Mercury is everywhere; none of us are immune to it. It is not “if” we have mercury in our body, the question is how much we have and are we capable of detoxing it out before it becomes a health issue. Some of us were simply born with better detox capabilities than others. This simply means some of us may need a little nutritional help in order to rid our body of toxins. Mercury is one of those substances that is very difficult to get out of the body even if you are a very healthy person, but we do know strategies that can help rid your body of mercury and other heavy metals.

So where are we getting mercury anyway? It’s not like we are adding it to our morning coffee. There are a few ways that people get mercury. Anytime you eat seafood you are ingesting a little bit of mercury. All fish have some amount of mercury; usually the bigger the fish the more mercury it is going to have. Farm raised fish have a much higher mercury content than ocean fish. So never, never, never buy farm raised fish. If you take a fish oil vitamin every day, make sure your fish oil is prescription grade. This means the oil will have been molecularly distilled – this is a process where they clean all the mercury out of the fish oil. Basically, get your fish oil from your chiropractor or medical doctor. Over the counter fish oil is almost never cleaned out of mercury. Mercury fillings are a huge cause of mercury toxicity. Do you have any of those silver fillings in your mouth? If so, get them out as soon as you can by a biological dentist. These types of dentists know how to extract the mercury filling from your mouth without exposing the mercury to you. We work hand in hand with a biological dentist here in Highlands Ranch if you do not know one. Feel free to call us and get all his information. Do you get the flu shot or other vaccines? Many of these shots still contain mercury in the form of thimerosol. Are you eating anything on a daily basis that contains high fructose corn syrup? Unfortunately there is mercury in this now. HFCS is in almost everything with a label on it. As you can see there are many ways we can get mercury in our body and only a few ways to get it out. We call it a toxin because it is a molecule that is hard to get out of your body and can wreak havoc on your health if you get too much of it.

So, how do we get it out? We have a whole protocol at our Highlands Ranch chiropractic office to help you detox mercury out. It takes some very specific nutrients along with foot-bath detoxing or infrared sauna detoxing. You must do everything complete and pretty diligently in order to rid the body of mercury, but it can be very successful in getting rid of your neck pain, back pain, migraines, etc. It is never too late to start detoxing and getting healthy. Take a look at this link to get a better look at our mercury detox protocol:

Below is quick video mercury detoxing and getting your mercury fillings taken out by a biological dentist.

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