What this Highlands Ranch CO Chiropractic Office Manager Learned at the National Chiropractic Conference

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I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to attend a National Chiropractic Conference recently.

I heard so many amazing stories about the lives that chiropractic has touched. Not just simple back and neck pain, but life altering help. Autistic children going from non-verbal to verbal, a teenager deaf since birth hearing the phone ring, a newborn with lung and heart failure no longer needing surgery, and the list goes on. Did you know that the first chiropractic adjustment was performed on a janitor named Harvey who was deaf since birth? After his adjustment, he was able to hear! All of these miracles are possible because Chiropractic is not just about cracking bones and relieving pain. It’s about restoring the connection between your body and your brain so they can work together to do what they are made to do: heal and thrive!

What I Learned
I learned that there is a very definite time and place for medicine and chiropractic to interact and work together in our lives. For the man diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and told his tumor was inoperable. He was given an answer to what was causing his symptoms, but not solutions. He turned to chiropractic and through regular care, diet and exercise, is now living a healthy, cancer-free life.

For the staff sergeant injured by an IED while serving our country, medicine gave him the chance to be kept alive and put back together once at the hospital. Through a program called the Patriot Project, chiropractic gave him his life back. He is able to function and move almost normally, despite having lost both ears, part of his nose, several fingers and nearly 30% of his skin.

I learned that I am a part of a profession that cares, truly cares, about the whole person. A profession that has been given a bad name by a few exceptions and a whole lot of political propaganda. A profession that would rather take a severe pay cut (in the form of fees reduced by insurance companies) than put their patients in harm’s way and treat them as numbers.

I learned that chiropractic can and does help everyone. There is no such thing as being a candidate or not being a candidate. Every single person that is adjusted by a chiropractor is helped in some way. Did you know that 20 minutes after an adjustment you have an increase in t-cell (immune system cells) production? Chiropractic adjustments in Highlands Ranch help you stay healthy!

Sure, some people may not feel 100% after one adjustment. Healing can take time. I learned it’s worth the time. Wouldn’t you agree?

By: Erin Davis
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