Chiropractic for Pinched Nerve Pain in Highlands Ranch


Many people in Highlands Ranch suffer from pain stemming from pinched nerves without being aware a nerve is pinched. Sometimes the signs of a pinched nerve are displayed in the body by radiating pain or a decrease in the function and mobility of the body. Since nerves run throughout the body and connect everything, it is possible for patients to experience pain from a pinched nerve in different parts of the body than where the nerve is itself. An example of this is sciatic pain, where a patient could be experiencing pain down their leg resulting from a pinched nerve in the lumbar joints. Chiropractor Nick Caras of Premier Chiropractic & Natural Medicine wants to help you!

It is crucial to visit a chiropractor for situations such as this because they are trained to accurately determine the source of the pinched nerve and fix it, rather than covering it up or not getting to the true source of the problem. In my chiropractic clinic in Highlands Ranch, I see patients who fall under the nerve pain category. To treat the pinched nerve, whether it’s causing arm or leg numbness, neck pain, or back pain, I adjust the spine to open up space for the nerve and relieve the pressure being placed on it.

As chiropractors we determine the source of the pain and repair it so patients can see results in a few visits versus taking medication and waiting for it to heal. Patients dealing with this discomfort are great candidates for chiropractic care whether it is treatment or prevention and tend to see improvement quickly. Because it can be difficult to determine and treat a pinched nerve on your own, it is always best to get a chiropractor’s advice so you can receive the treatment you need.

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