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How chiropractic helped my scoliosis:

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was ten, but was never fully informed on what to do about it. I saw a chiropractor a few years later and it was the first time I obtained relief for my back pain. Through years of treatment and a couple chiropractors I finally found how I could prevent my scoliosis from worsening and ultimately correct my spine. The key is finding a chiropractor who does more than a simple adjustment, one that provides you with an in-depth treatment plan that involves adjustments, exercises, stretches and other ways to manipulate the spine’s curve.

I can honestly say that without a good chiropractor, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to be at my current status of health and wellness. An educated chiropractor is the only one that can get your spine straight naturally and teach you ways to get rid of pain without using medications! These days many physicians suggest medications and/or surgery, but you must ask yourself ‘Is it worth the possible risks?’ My chiropractor helped me avoid the dependence on medication and the risks of surgery, but it took some will power and dedication on my part as well.

Treating scoliosis is a long journey and it requires a significant amount of your participation in the process. That means finding the best chiropractor for you, making an attempt to be at every appointment in your treatment plan and doing the provided exercises at home. Personally, it took me a long time to involve myself in the process but after I did, I really started seeing and feeling the changes! It started with being able to stand for more than five minutes without pain. Then my mobility became easier and more enjoyable, I did not need pain killers anymore to walk my dog or going to the gym. Seeing a chiropractor did much more than straighten my spine, it helped me become healthier and more motivated, involved and clear minded.

Even though I have gained amazing benefits from seeing a chiropractor, I know that to keep my spine straight and to be pain free I have to continue using the tools my chiropractor gave me. This means coming in for maintenance appointments, getting massages, staying active and doing my stretches. For me, it is worth it to stay with it because I finally have control of my life again. I strongly suggest anyone with scoliosis to see a chiropractor as soon as possible and stop wasting time being in chronic pain.

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