Skiing and Chiropractic Care in Highlands Ranch


During ski season, I see patients who specifically come in for treatments because they have gone or are going skiing or snowboarding. While these activities are great forms of exercise and get patients outdoors, they can be hard on the body which is why doing preventative and recovery care is the best way to keep the body functioning properly and improve your experience on the slopes.

People frequently associate chiropractic care in Highlands Ranch with pain treatment, causing them to miss out on all the preventative and overall health benefits adjustment have to offer. Adjustments increase nervous system functioning so that your brain and body can communicate more efficiently and improve joint flexibility, which is why getting adjusted before you go skiing or snowboarding is a great decision!

To avoid injuries on the slopes consider improving your balance by strengthening your core. I give my patients a list of exercises that help strengthen the core including planks and the superman. Another way to avoid injury is to keep your spine flexible. The most effective way to keep flexibility is to receive regular adjustments, but to maintain flexibility between adjustments you can practice cat-cow stretches or use a foam roller.  Regardless if you are injured or not, you should see your chiropractor after your ski day to recuperate your alignment and maintain the flexibility in your spine and joints (especially those knees)!

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