What Is The Best Position To Sleep In At Night?

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People are constantly asking for my opinion as a Highlands Ranch chiropractor on how they should sleep and what position they should sleep in at night. There are basically three different types of sleepers. The three different types are those who sleep on their back, those who sleep on their sides and those who sleep on their stomachs. I guess the 4th type of sleeper is the person who is tossing and turning all night long. As a chiropractor, we always want to keep the hips and spine aligned in order to keep the nervous system function properly. Without proper spine and nervous system health, you will never be able to feel or perform at your best. Since we are in bed 6 to 8 hours every night, it is very important to stay in good alignment. After all you’re going to be in this position for about 1/3 of your life. Just as it is important to stay in good posture throughout the day with regards to how you are sitting at work or driving in your car, it is very important at night while sleeping as well.

So, the very best position would be on your back with a cervical pillow. This allows for your shoulders to sink backwards. Most of us will have been in a hunched over position for some portion of the day. At night, it is a time for your shoulder to naturally relax backwards and align with the spine. By being on your back, your spine also has a chance to be relaxed and not twisted or torqued. All the muscles, tendons, and ligaments have a chance to calm down, rejuvenate, and any inflammation that has built up throughout your day can slowly go away. When you wake up, your spinal joints as well as hips and shoulders should feel great and ready to go for another day.

Being a side sleeper would be your next best position. It is not as good on the body due to the fact that your downward shoulder will probably be crunched forward. My advice to side sleepers would to try to switch sides throughout the night and not stay on the same shoulder all night long. You will want a cervical pillow as well to support your neck vertebrae while you sleep. I would also put a pillow in between your knees to help support your hips throughout the night.

The absolute worst position to sleep in would be on your stomach. There is nothing good about being on your stomach. Your spine and neck will be in twisted position all night long. These people tend to wake up with kinked or pinched necks. These are also my patients who have headaches and migraines. It has to be habit you need to break. At least try to go onto your side during the night so your head is not twisted.

Sleeping is just another one of those habits that can affect your health in a good way or a negative way. We should all try to at least start off on our backs at night to give us a chance of feeling great in the morning. If you are already a back sleeper and you are still waking up with pain and tension in the morning it might mean you are in need of a new pillow or mattress. We are here to help answer any sleep questions or other related health questions. Feel free to stop in at our Highlands Ranch Chiropractic Clinic any time to chat with us or even check out our chiropractic friendly pillows and mattresses.

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