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Here at Premier Chiropractic, our team makes it simple to get great chiropractic care for you when you need it. You can contact us by phone or by email from the link on our website to get information about our clinic as well as set up an appointment. We understand how difficult back pain can be which is why we can schedule you the same day and why we accept walk-ins. Our #1 goal is to get you out of pain fast with no run around or intense sales pitch. Let’s simply get you in, get you treated, and get you out of pain fast and effectively.

Once you are in the office you will be given a small amount of paper work, you also have the option to print the paper work from our website and fill it in at home – Then the patient will be placed on a rolling table which massages and loosens up the spine. Dr. Caras will do an examination, and talk you through the process of his adjustment, so you know exactly what is going on. We can do all sorts of chiropractic adjustments from manual manipulation, mechanical adjusting instruments, decompression, traction, laser therapy, etc. It is up to you how comfortable you are and what sort of treatments you prefer.

Premier Chiropractic accepts all insurances and we look up your benefits for you as well as bill them directly, making your visit that much easier. Our goal is to make your life simple. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and get you out of pain in a stress-free environment. If you have had bad experiences at other doctor’s offices, you will be pleasantly surprised on how Premier Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch makes you feel. Our goal is to make you feel better while offering VIP service. Call us today to see and feel the difference at Premier Chiropractic & Natural Medicine in Highlands Ranch, CO.

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